A waiting list for 2021 has already begun.  We have exciting JR. herdsires this breeding season from Hoanbu and last year's young does developing so very nicely. There is no fee for being placed on a waiting list, so please reach out early - we are a small herd and run out quickly in spring. Always feel free to reach out with questions.  At this time, we are no longer taking reservations for doe kids (all full).... please reach out around April for any availabity.
Some buckling reservations are still available, please contact us for any questions you may have.
Email For Availability

Kids are priced according to breeding and conformation determination. We spend quite a bit of time and money to provide the best possible animals with outstanding bloodlines and optimal care. Please contact for questions regarding any kid you are interested in.We do NOT require a deposit to be placed on the waiting list for a breeding/kid of your choice, however,once kids are on the ground we do require a $200 non refundable deposit for does and bucks, $75 for wethers to be received by us within one week (7 days) of notification, or full $150 for wethers picked up by 2 weeks of age.

*****We encourage every client to visit and view the goat(s) you are interested in if possible.  We are flexible on our appointments, your family is welcome. Please do not bring pets, for their safety and the safety of our animals. Please wear clean boots/shoes that have not been worn in your barn.  Goats will be taken out of their pens for you to view. 


Kids will be disbudded, have their CDT vaccinations, bo-se, and coccidia treatment beginning at one month of age.   Age appropriate worming. We do try our best to disbud well; however, I cannot guarantee that scurs won't develop. If you are choosing a wether, you are responsible for banding/burdizzo, castrating.  Does and bucks will be tattooed and come with registration application. You will be supplied with  health records and kidding information if applicable. Herd test results  are available for you to view.  If you require further testing, please contact me for your request.


We encourage every client to visit and inspect their goats(s) at pickup.  We will provide all health records and all animals will be up to date on vaccinations, worming, coccidia prevention, copper, selenium and hoof trimming .  You may have a vet health check done at your expense.  If you need health certificates to cross state lines, we must have 2 weeks notice to accomplish this, and this will be at your expense.  We try to breed and maintain healthy stock, however once the goat leaves our farm we offer no guarantees as transportation, management practice, and care are out of our control..


We will not sell single goats to a home without other goats. We do not ship or deliver, although we may meet you at a mutually convenient place within a reasonable distance for a small fee.  We do offer support, you are encouraged to contact us with any questions you may have.  Should your goat become seriously ill or die while in our care, you will be offered a full refund of your deposit, or another available goat - the choice is yours.  A deposit of $75 for wethers and $200 for does and bucks is required once the kid is offered, and must be received within 7 days of offering. Bottle kids will be ready for pickup at 4 weeks of age, dam raised between 10-14 weeks of age.  You must come pick up your goat on a mutually agreed upon pickup date. A grace period of 7 days for pickup is allowable with prior notice.  Any goat that is not picked up  during this time frame, or has not had a deposit placed will have any deposit forfeited and the goat will be offered to other interested clients.  Sorry, no exceptions. PLEASE KEEP UP WITH YOUR FECALS AND PARASITE CONTROL.  KIDS ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO WORMS AND COCCIDIA DUE TO STRESS OF A MOVE.  If you have questions about this, please contact me.