Welcome to Fair-Haven Nubians. We are breeders of quality ADGA registered Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats.

Welcome to Fairhaven Nubians! We hope you enjoy visiting our site. We are a small farm, located in Southwest Ohio, breeding Purebred Nubians for show prospects and for milk production. We offer nationally recognized bloodlines that include:Hoanbu, Woest-Hoeve, J&M Hideaway....We participated in Linear Appraisal (unfortunately not 2020 due to ADGA cancellation), but I'm extremely happy with how my young does are maturing and udders.  I take a lot of time to research bloodlines, past Linear Appraisals, Milk production and show records to produce quality animals. I like to support 4H  -  our children were very involved, and I am a current 4-H goat club supporter and advisor.

PLEASE CLICK ON THE REGISTRATION NUMBER  for expanded bloodlines and other information about our goats through the ADGA genetics website. ​!


SO VERY EXCITED WITH THIS YEAR'S HERD SIRES!  We are blessed and grateful to Holly Buroker, of Hoanbu Dairy Goats for the opportunity to purchase two impressive Jr. Bucks for our fall Breedings this year.  Please click on the ADGA ID # for each goat and take a look at these impressive genetics through the ADGA genetics website.  *Bucks, multiple*milkers, national placings - take a look at past LA and DHIR to determine if a Fair-Haven nubian is right for you. All bucks are DNA typed, whole herd is G6S N/N. , Ohio is a TB and Brucellosis free state.


This year certainly has been crazy given the current COVID situation - I'm disappointed we can't hit the shows and have the LA we had scheduled for this year, confident in my maturing young does the scores would have improved over first freshening! 
We do test for CAE/Johnes, CL  and we have had negative testing since we started testing in 2013. Testing for our herd is late fall each year.  Our entire herd is G6S Negative Normal by testing or parentage!  We are members of ADGA  and follow those sales guidelines. 

We practice CAE prevention with kids and pay strict attention to overall herd health.  We spend a lot of time with each kid to make sure we have social and happy babies! All kids will be disbudded and up to date with age appropriate vaccinations, worming and coccidia prevention, tattooed for registered stock with registration application.

In order to keep our herd numbers small we do offer a limited number of kids per year, and occasionally mature stock.  If you are not seeing what you want on our site, please contact us about available stock we may have.

Thanks again for visiting our website!  

No longer taking doeling reservations for 2021, we however do have some reservations for buck kids.  Kids start hitting the ground around the 1st week of March 

TO RESERVE A 2021 KID - SEE THE PLANNED BREEDING   PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. Email : Zanni79@yahoo.com or text 513-280-1658

Thank you for considering Fairhaven Nubians